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Shirt fabrics in fashionable patterns and hues

The ROAN wholesalers offer fabrics that are either single or multi-coloured and in a variety of designs. In addition to the classic combination of colours, our offer also includes staggering colour combinations that flow with the contemporary fashion trends. We successively import new types of fabrics that will sate the tastes of even the most demanding customers, who heed good quality and perfection. We have a rich, diverse and often changing collection of materials, which allows you to create shirts consistent with current fashion trends. Albeit, beyond that, our products can be superbly integrated into other items of clothing.

We adapt to the needs of customers - we can produce a custom colour dedicated to a specific order. That’s even if the colour is not based in our standard offer!

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150 cm
105 g/m2
150 cm
105 g/m2

Fabrics that are colourfully woven and printed

Bi-coloured shirt fabrics

The bi-coloured shirt fabrics are especially popular products in our offer. These are essentially made of warp and weft of two different shades. This combination allows to obtain impressive, small, intricate patterns scattered across the garment: stripes, dots, rhombuses to name a few. Such patterns can be of a similar or completely different colour than the background.

Multi-coloured shirt fabrics

Another group of colourfully woven fabrics that we sell are multi-coloured products. They often have clear, large-scale patterns, such as classic lines or the recently-stylish floristic & animal motifs. Such type of shirt can positively alter and highlight the overall whole. The less distinctive patters can also works well as an element of a business outfit e.g. implementation of stripes into the suit or shirt. These features may even help to distinguish an individual or a company from the competition.

Fabrics from natural fibres

Coloured woven and printed fabrics can be made of natural, artificial and synthetic fibres or a mixture of everything. Our offer includes primarily materials which combine the cotton and polyester fabrics (to be precise: 55% cotton and 45% polyester or 60% cotton and 40% polyester). This meshing is a great example of good value for money. In addition, we also import fabrics with fanciful patterns that are digitally printed on 100% cotton materials.

Products that are dominated by cotton and polyester blends are highly recommended due to their functional qualities. In other words, these types of shirt fabrics are characterised by strong durability, sturdiness and resistance to deformation, as well as low need for maintenance i.e. frequent washing and ironing.

High-quality shirt fabrics

We care about the quality of our fabrics. We desire for them to be utilised during any project: from sewing elegant formal shirts to casual t-shirts. However, we also strive to sell comfortable and durable materials that can be transformed to comfortable and durable clothes. Of course, our fabrics are colourfully woven and printed in an abundant range of patterns and shades, allowing you not only to sew shirts, but also dresses, scarves, pyjamas, bed sheets or impressive textile decorations.

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