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Tailoring accessories

The fabric itself, even if it’s of the highest quality, certainly won’t suffice to sew an effective, pristine shirt. Undoubtedly, various types of sewing accessories are also required. So, in order to meet the expectations of our clients, we have supplied our warehouse with an abundance of threads and needles for machine sewing. The threads are available in a wide array of colours, and the same goes for buttons - many of them possess a colour directly adapted to the hue of a given fabric. In addition, we offer (stainless) steel & brass pins and a number of accessories for packaging the shirts.

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Accessories for shirts

Of course, we never have a shortage of the classic shirt accessories in our warehouse. One example of such accessories are the high quality collar stiffeners (as representatives of the CAMELA clothing-insertions factory in Poland we can vouch for their products). We also offer vast button-cuffs, cufflinks, as well as a range of products designed for folding and packaging the freshly-made shirts. Our offer also includes insert label tags upon which the product size should be specified. Such tag is usually located on the inside of the shirt, roughly in the middle of the collar stitching length. In turn, insert tags containing information regarding material composition and preservation methods ought to be placed along the inside stitching seam running theough the shirt.

Preparing the shirts

Our offer also includes articles designed for folding the ready-made products e.g. expanders and the so called ‘butterfly’ strips. Now, you may be asking: how to prepare and fold a shirt properly? First of all, the shirt should be fully fastened – so button up! The butterfly strip should thereafter be attached to the first button from top. The next step is to put the main ‘expander’ strip underneath the collar, helping it stay and keep its shape. After this we put the shirt on a specially-fitted piece of cardboard and fasten it with clips. Both the special cardboard and shirt-making pins/clips are available in our warehouse. The next, and final step is to insert the prepared shirt into the foiled packaging.

Collective packaging of shirts

Among many others, the main customers of our products are producers of business & formal shirts, as well as large sewing manufactures that produce ample numbers of identical shirts. In this case, such firms have a need for bulk packaging of products. In order to meet all expectations of our customers, we offer specialised boxes and bags intended for collective packaging. Typically, the shirts are packed into a cardboard box which contains up to ten pieces. A filled cardboard box ought to be taped over for security means, after which a collective label is usually stuck to the side for informative purposes.