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A wide selection of shirt fabrics

Our offer includes shirt fabrics in very fashionable colours, relating to the latest market and style trends. We carefully select our products and the suppliers – our primary aim is to provide our customers a wide selection of high-quality fabrics at enticing, favourable prices.

Fabrics with a certificate

The products we offer and sell are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which indicates and guarantees the absence of harmful substances within our products. Our materials are therefore safe and comfortable for the skin. Furthermore, their unquestionable and superior advantage is also a very high durability, which is particularly important for business shirts that are used and worn almost every single day. We essentially want them to last as long as possible, so that your purchase lasts you a very long time. As such, apart from common fabrics, our offer also includes elegant fabrics for formal shirts.

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Monochromatic and colourful fabrics

We sell monochromatic and multi-coloured materials, those that are plain and patterned, elegant and/or for everyday casual-use, as well as the natural and synthetic. Our clients can choose whatever they wish for from a diverse array of fabrics (varying in terms of raw material composition, finishing and weaving aspects). Our collection does not lack materials that are presently recognised as ‘classics’, albeit, at the same time we supply modern fabrics. Among these, the likes of fashionable floral motifs, stripe themes, vast geometric patterns, shapes and many more can be found.

Possessing such a wide range of materials has allowed us to establish a great cooperation network with truly demanding buyers of fabrics. But above all, over the eyars we’ve been able to realise an ample amount of commissioned orders.

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Tailoring accessories

Within our warehouse you’ll be able to purchase high quality fabrics, but also a range of sewing accessories. This includes colourful threads, ribbons and buttons. It is very often thanks to these trivial details that the shirt gains an impressive charm and unique look. So, if you get a chance, feel free to explore our options.

It is worth noting that we are also a representative of the Walbrzyska CAMBRA factory who supply a multitude of clothing inserts. Thanks to them we can offer our customers extremely durable shirt collar inserts, and many other accessories of that kind.

Accessories prepared for shirt packaging

Our offer also includes a number of accessories for packaging ready-made shirts. We supply boxes, bags and other articles of this kind. These products are highly appreciated by our customers who find them convenient and time-saving. They also love how they can obtain all accessories necessary for sewing and packaging in a single place, like our website. And everything here is displayed in very attractive prices!

We highly encourage you to make use of our offer.
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    ROAN Wholesale provides fast and reliable access to a variety of materials that may be used for tailoring needs; predominantly shirt sewing. If you have any questions, would like to enquire about any specific materials, terms of cooperation and delivery options, we encourage you to leave us a message outlining your concern. We will provide thorough answers to each of them.

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